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The FanVsFan Network (FvFn) is one of the largest network of sports blogs on the web, with a nationwide sales team, A-list distribution partners and many independent publishers, the FvFn provides, what you can't get on your own.

Any FvFn network option you choose, we work for you to succeed.

  • More Money:

    We'll fill 100% of your inventory with advertising from premium ad networks and brand advertisers such as Sprint, Gillette, Verizon, and Gatorade.

  • More Traffic:

    We'll introduce your writing to millions of readers by syndicating your content to, to hundreds of sport blogs in the FanVsFan Network and to our partners.

  • More Promotion

    We'll work to get you involved in editorial features, network promotions, and exclusive events with advertisers and athletes.

  • Get on The Ultimate Tailgate Machine (UTM)

    A traveling 41 foot tricked out bus for your pleasure. The UTM will be visiting a city near you. See Here.

  • Stay 100% independent

    You maintain complete control over your site and your content

The FvFn Technology Tool Box

FanVsFan is a powerful Hybrid Social Publishing, Syndication & Monetization Platform built to power FvFn sites and or aggregate and syndicate content from FvFn partner sites. Our technology assist FvFn publishers create, syndicate & monetize content.

  • Content Aggregation:

    From multiple independent FvFn ad network partners CMS / Blog platforms onto FanVsFan and then syndicated to partners.

  • Power Blogs:

    Utilize the FanVsFan social publishing and content management system to power your site on the same URL your using now.

  • Monetization:

    Premium brand advertisements served to FvFn publishers. Create, Syndicate, and Monetize content.

Social Publishing And Content Management Tools:

  • Write an Article

  • Create Slideshows

  • Create Webcam Shows

  • Create Webcam Debates

  • Manage Contributors

  • Social Integration Tools:

    FanVsFan has built in tools to integrate with Twitter, Facebook Connect, Pinterest, Flicker, Youtube and more.

  • Ad Serving & Management Tools:

    FvFn serves premium brand advertisements to your site

  • Reporting Tools:

    Track blog performance, ad impressions, payments, etc.

  • Mobile & Tablet Tools:

    Do it all from your mobile device! Coming soon.

More Questions?

Why should I choose FvFn over other ad networks?

FvFn is a content network, an advertising network, and a hybrid social publishing technology platform.

Our platform both aggregates ad network partners blog content, and can also power your blog on the same url you are using now!

For independent blogs being aggregated on FanVsFan, and blogs being powered by FanVsFan, our job is to drive traffic, social engagement, create additional partners, and increase your blogs earnings.

We will fill your ad inventory with advertising from premium brand advertisers such as Sprint, Gillette, Verizon, and Gatorade.

Our editorial team will work to promote your content to a new audience of users and partners. Your content has the opportunity to appear on, in our daily emailed newsletter, and will be syndicated through widgets located on partner sites around the web.

Join Hundreds of Top Sports Blogs

FvFn includes hundreds of high-quality independent sports blogs from general sports to team-specific blogs across the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA, and other categories including fitness.

You don't need to be big, although we will assist you gain more traffic and attention, you just need to have great content and a desire to succeed.

How do I get paid?

Direct deposit to your bank account, Paypal or check.

How do advertisements get on my site?

We will send you a piece of code to cut-and-paste into your site. After that, ads automatically run on your site in the space you choose. We sell the ads, but you retain the right to approve.

What blog platforms do you support ?

We work with just about every blog platform in existence including Blogger,, TypePad, Drupal, and any number of homegrown solutions.

The only requirement is that you need to be able to edit your page template to include our tags. We'll give step-by-step instructions for Blogger and

What reporting tools are available ?

We will provide you with an online interface that allows you to review, approve or reject pending advertising campaigns.

You can also pull a variety of reports detailing performance by add size, campaign and more. Typical reporting metrics of interest for publishers include impressions, clicks, site payout, eCPM and CTR (click through rate).

What else do I need to know?

We believe that bloggers are the future of sports media. We're building an ecosystem in which you can have it all: the monetary and distribution advantages of a network, technology tools, and value added opportunities to be credentialed to events and more.

Our job is to make your life easier, by bringing you readers, dollars, partners and technology, so that you can focus on what you love -- writing about sports.

Please keep in mind that FvFn is for sites that post original content. Copying more that a small quote from a another source is copyright infringement and won't be tolerated in the FvFn.

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