Despite the success the Texas Stars found this season, the way that they finished their mark on the 2012-2013 season was vastly disappointing. Dallas didn't make the playoffs for the fifth year in a row so many of the Stars faithful looked to their farm team to bring home a trophy. After all this is the team that sat in first in the AHL, who captured the South Division and whose leader at the helm was named AHL's coach of the year

You have to scratch your head at the way the second round went down. Defensive breakdowns and ill advised penalties led to the demise of their playoff run. The first game was hard fought, but the Stars lost in overtime .The next game brought a win in front of the home crowd. But once the Stars showed up in front of a barren Oklahoma crowd it seemed as though they forgot everything that had brought them to this moment.

Lack of defense led to the Stars loss in the third game and offense couldn't find the back of the net, though not through lack of trying. Much credit should be given to the Barons goalie Danis, whose gymnast like moves shut the Stars down and gave the team (not to mention the fans) much frustration.

Wednesday's game ended in an embarrassing 3rd period. What can be said other than the final score, 7-3. There was a point in the game the Stars seemed as though they had a chance after tying it up but it was not meant to be. 

And for the icing on the cake, the Stars lost the final game 5-1. Dowling spoiled Danis' shutout with a power play goal late in the 3rd. The Barons move on to the next round and the Stars return home, though not the same team that had left the Cedar Park Center.

A disappointing finish to what was an exciting season. RIP 2012-2013 Texas Stars.