Well, Stars fans, it’s a short post this week. I’m also late because I was enjoying a (few) movies this evening, and didn’t actually get this written until the wee hours of Monday morning. But, here it goes.

            We’re already 41 games into the season. Halfway. It’s just weird to think about. If you rewind to this moment last year, we were all debating whether or not the NHL was going to lose its second full season in nine years – something that could have ended up being catastrophic. But they managed to save some sort of face and shove the players on the ice for 48 regular season games plus the regular-length playoffs. So, to be back in the ‘mid-season mode’ in January is a strange feeling, but one that I am thoroughly enjoying.


            Well, it isn’t because our Dallas Stars are 37412-3-5 and at the top of the Western Conference. Because they’re not. They won’t be. They’re not that good.


            What we’re seeing and watching this season is painful, especially with the Stars being in such a competitive division (#conferenceIII). But, we’re watching the future of this franchise develop night in and night out. We get to watch Tyler Seguin dangle through defensive pairs, and question how Jamie Benn’s snapshot obeys Newton’s Laws. We get to watch a level-headed, talented young Russian prove he’s got what it takes to play in the league. We get to see a defensive pipeline that has been developing in Cedar Park, with a variety of prospects, register valuable and crucial ice time on the world’s biggest stage. This is the future. Literally. These are the guys that we will – hopefully – be watching take the team deep into the playoffs year after year.

            But, for this year we’re stuck watching the team outshoot Detroit 2892-9 and somehow manage to lose 5-1. We’re also stuck watching a defenseman, named P.K. Subban, skate around other defenseman, and either net a goal himself or find one of his cute little Canadien buddies to finish the job.

Whatever. I’m not mad.

Just kidding. Yes I am.

            However, they’ve got the Los Angeles Kings in check. Winning 3-2 on New Year’s Eve was impressive. They needed to follow up that butt whoopin’ they put on the Kings in LA (5-2 win) with a game that showed it was no fluke. Not to mention that the Kings are one-half of what is wrong in this world (the San Jose Sharks being the other half), and anything to shut that cocky fan base up is something that will end up being beneficial to any and every one.

            As I write these, I figure out what I do and don’t like, and I don’t really like talking a whole lot about the games, because it really isn’t very insightful. From now on, each post will just have a little bit on each game, and feature more insight to stuff that happened. For this week, it’s just a reminder that this is a work in progress, and this franchise is, without question, heading in a positive direction.

Hell, I really think they’re going to be a playoff team this season. Don’t worry, people!

            I mentioned this was going to be a little shorter – and it was – but I just felt like it was important to address the halfway point of the season. As a conclusion, I will inform you that the Stars begin a three-game NYC-area road trip tomorrow night at the shantytown that is known as Nassau Coliseum. I predict that the next three games (at NYI, at NJD, at NYR) will yield six out six possible points. Why? Easy: the Islanders are trash, the Devils are trash, and the Rangers are trash. That’s my analysis. Easy wins for this bunch. Picking up garbage is not a difficult task.

            In all seriousness, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and have started the New Year off with a bang, because the Dallas Stars sure haven’t.


STAT OF THE WEEK: The Dallas Stars are 0-3-3 this season when registering 40 or more shots. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.