Insanity: "Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different results."-Albert Einstein

Well apparently Joe Nieuwendyk has echoed this sediment this off season with the Stars. I'll be honest seeing fan favorites like Burish, Souray, and Ott get traded made me question Joe's decision making. Then it starts happening, with the signings of Eakin, Rome, Whitney, Roy, and most notably Jaromir Jagr. To me this is very interesting, we now have a combination of youthful and veteran players, both I think can benefit from each other. As Mike Modano tweeted "it's all about line combinations", which I think Mo knows a think or two about scoring.

It occurred to me late Monday afternoon with the trade of Ott to Buffalo, how important the Dallas Stars are to many people, not just in Dallas, but all over North American.  I read countless tweets and comments about why this trade happened and what is Joe thinking, and some were a all out bashing of the Stars. And then it happens again Tuesday, with the signing of Jagr, except a complete opposite reaction of tweets and comments unfolded, praising Joe and the Stars organization including Stars' owner Tom Gaglardi.  I for one like to see that, it shows the true passion the fans of the Dallas Stars and how much they actually care what happens next for the organization. 

So what do we have now? I now see a much improved team now, especially on the offensive side, power play and penalty kill should be better this year. Just take a look at these names: Benn, Eriksson, Ryder, Jagr, Roy, Whitney to name a few.  Also lets not forget the core guys: Morrow, Nystrom, Fiddler, Garbutt.  Of course the defense is a very important part as well with the likes of: Daley, Fistric, Goligoski, Robidas, Larsen and now Rome. Last, but least, the stellar net-minding of Lehtonen and Bachman. However, I don't think the Stars are quite done just yet, maybe they will pickup a veteran defenseman somewhere.

Hopefully, all these changes will ultimately help the Stars return to playoff form, boost the ticket sales in Dallas again, and return that glory that existed in the late 90's. I'm definitely looking forward to this season as I do every new season, but this year is going to be different.