Who is Aaron Rome? I asked myself this very question when the Dallas Stars signed him July 1, 2012, to a three year $1.5million deal. Aaron a native of Nesbitt, Manitoba was born with hockey in his blood, third of four brothers, however Aaron was the only one to make it to the NHL level. Aaron was drafted in 2002 104th overall by the LA Kings, however unsigned for two years until Anaheim signed him in 04' as a free agent. His professional career began in the AHL with the Cincinnati Mighty Ducks 04-05' which was Anaheim's AHL affiliate the time.

Rome's debut in the NHL came against the Red Wings in 07', resulting in a 2-1 loss, with Aaron playing 14 minutes, -1 plus/minus, and 1 shot on goal. For the Anahiem Ducks, 2007 was very good year for the organization, bringing Lord Stanley's Cup back to the West Coast. Rome didn't play many regular season games, and none in the Stanley Cup finals, therefore his name was not engraved on the Cup. However he was awarded a Stanley Cup ring and the traditional day with the Cup.

After being traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets the following year, Rome spent more time back in the AHL with the Syracuse Crunch. After being called up by Columbus for a game against the Red Wings, he finally scores his first NHL goal against none other than Dominik Hasek, but the Blue Jackets still ended the game in a loss. Rome continued to play with Columbus reaching the Stanley Cup playoffs for the first time in franchise history. Columbus was knocked out of the playoffs in the first round by you guessed it, the Detroit Red Wings.

So lets fast forward to the 2009 Stanley Cup finals, Aaron now with the Vancouver Canucks playing against the Boston Bruins. Rome in the lineup for game 3 and this happens. As you can see from the video below this was a very violent and late hit. Rome was ejected from the game and was suspended for 4 games missing the rest of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Rome is known as a "stay at home" defenseman, which I think he could help the Stars, now with the adsence of Souray, and providing some toughness as well, with the departure of Steve Ott. If there are not anymore significant defenseman signings by the Stars, I would expect to see Rome as a third-paring defenseman. I think Stars could use another veteran defenseman, but not many left out there now. Hopefully Rome can be as formidable as Mark Fistric, making you think twice about admiring your pass.