I wanted to take this opportunity to address the "leaked logo" that started appearing last night on the Stars mobile application.  The poster which appeared under the "wallpaper" section included a silver circle in which "Dallas Stars" encompassed a silver stars with a large "D" in the center.  The poster also included pictures of Jamie Benn and Kari Lehtonen with the "D-Star" in the lower right hand corner.

The team has neither confirmed nor denied that it is the official logo, and because of that reason, StarsInsider.com will not address the logo any further, at least officially, until the jersey reveal event to be held at the AT&T Performing Arts Center on June 4th.

I have made the point that we here at StarsInsider will not deal with speculations and/or rumors.  I'm not saying it's not fun to discuss or what have you, but I feel it's important to not muddy the "information highway" with more information that cannot be independently confirmed.  StarsInsider.com has reached out to several sources and we're waiting to hear back.  Until then, have fun with the talk of the potential new look of the Dallas Stars.