Last night in the Stars overtime loss to the Minnesota Wild, Stars captain, Jamie Benn delivered what appeared to be a deliberate elbow to the head of Wild's Matt Cooke.  There was no penalty on the play and today word has come down that the league will not review the play for supplemental discipline.

As you can see, Benn definitely gets his elbow up in to the head of Cooke:

However, the league has a "clause" if you will in regards to players who are defending themselves from an on-coming hit.  Benn is bringing the puck into the Minnesota zone and Cooke is lining up Jamie for a hit.  According to the following video from the Department of Player Safety, Benn acted with a "defensive contact to the head."

One thing I think Stars fans should keep in mind:

1. Just because the hit was applied to Matt Cooke, doesn't make the hit "okay."  Far too often, supplemental discipline decisions that are based on injury are criticized.  Most fans feel that if a penalty warrants suspension, then the degree and potential malice of the penalty should bear the weight of the decision.  Just because someone is or isn't hurt shouldn't determine one's punishment.

2. Matt Cooke is definitely known for pushing the boundaries and Stars fans should realize that Minnesota travels to Dallas on Tuesday night.  Dallas definitely has made it clear they are not a physical team, but the Stars should keep their head on a swivel and be mindful of any "retribution" that may be coming.

3. There was something said about Dallas Stars beat writer, Mike Heika from another Stars blog site.  Needless to say, we feel that individual who made those comments are unacceptable.  There are times that me, personally, can be sucked into trolls and other non-Stars related happenings (see the moronic glass-banger), but I feel that I have to take extra exception to this person's comments.  Intent or not, Mr. Heika is the absolute nicest guy I have had the pleasure of meeting and conversing with and he leaves little doubt as to why I consider him my mentor.  This site in question has been around for a long time, but I hope that doesn't stop the Dallas Stars from taking appropriate action.  The terminology, let alone the person it was directed to should not be accepted by a professional sports organization that has credentialed this other entity.  *Rant Over*