With all this talk about Steve Ott being traded, I thought I would throw in my two cents. So lets start from an earlier time, Ott drafted 25th over all first round in 00' from the Windsor Spitfires (OHL) . With a brief stint with the Utah Grizzles (AHL) he came out on his first shift as a Dallas Star hitting a player through the penalty box door,  from that point on I was an instant fan of Ott.

 Not an overly huge player, at 6'0" 192lbs playing left wing/center, Steve came out every shift with a purpose, to get the puck by any means necessary. His memorization of foreign languages to chip players made it all the more interesting for me.  A quote from that back of a autographed rookie card I have reads: "In Ott, it appears the Stars have a complete player on their hands, Ott is a real pain to play against and can add points on the score sheet."

  A complete player, not at first, but I believe Steve has now become this "complete player" maybe not so much in the goal department, but in other areas PK, face offs, and all around grit for the Stars. You look up his name and you see pest or hate to play against repeatedly. That is an element I love that Steve Ott has provided for the Stars year after year. He gets under players skin, even "big name" players to get them off their game.

 This year Steve finished with his second highest point total as a Star, 08-09' season with 46. I'll admit, I'm a fan of his, have been since his debut, but as a fan you have to always look at the big picture. I would never want GM Joe's job, hate seeing players as bargaining chips, but it is what it is.  Would you want to play against him?