Well here we are again with more trade talk/rumors of another Dallas Stars fan favorite being traded. This time it is Dallas Stars' Captain Brenden Morrow. When I first "heard" of this I immediately thought of Steve Ott, traded to the Buffalo Sabres for Derek Roy. Why did I think of Otter, it's simple, Brenden Morrow is a heart and soul player, tough to play against, gritty, and has great leadership on and off the ice just like Ott. The Dallas Stars have been one of the NHL's busier teams this off season, which makes me think that anything is possible this year. But recently, Joe Nieuwendyk announced that Morrow will remain a Dallas Star, at least at this point.

So a question was posed, who would wear the Captain "C" for the Stars if Morrow was traded? From the responses I heard and read via twitter, three names came up repeatedly: Eriksson, Robidas, Benn. With Loui Eriksson, you have a great offensive talent, always backchecking, and a perfect set-up player. However, Loui to me is not quite "Captain" material just yet, not being an overly vocal player doesn't help when being a Captain. Next we have Stephanie Robidas, a true warrior, can hit and take hits better than most, and possesses a great defensive mind. But Robidas is aging, maybe a few more seasons for him, given the style of hockey he plays, it's tough to have longevity in the NHL.

 Finally we have Jamie Benn, a young strong offensive and defensive player, who can literally "take" control of games just by his playmaking ability. Jamie Benn is a game changer, whether it's a scoring chance, a hit, stealing the puck, or even a fight. As the great Mike Modano passed the Captain "C" torch to Brenden Morrow, I see Jamie Benn receiving it next, it's not a question of if he gets it, just a matter of when.

 I'm not going to bore you with Jamie's stats, just watch a game and that should answer any questions. Benn has the size, skill, and the toughness to be a Captain for the Dallas Stars. Don't get me wrong, Brenden Morrow is a perfect example of what a Captain should be, but he is not getting any younger, might be time to pass the Captain "C" to Jamie. The video below is just a taste of what Jamie Benn can do.