With the new logo and jersey announcement this coming week, I thought it would be appropriate to retrace some Dallas Stars branding history over the years. The Star has become a staple of the franchise. Between leaks, speculations, and sheer logic, we would expect for the new logo to incorporate the infamous Star representing Texas' NHL team. Let's look at the evolution of the Dallas Stars' logos and looks over the years:


The Minnesota North Stars had rebranded in 1991 after relocation surfaced as an inevitability for the franchise. With the Star being the focus of attention on the jerseys, the team added in "Dallas" and the infamous Texas logo on the shoulders. Below are the mockups for the Stars' first season in Dallas. 


I would like to refer to this as the golden era, for obvious reasons. These jerseys held this team through some of the highest highs and the lowest lows of the franchises' history. They were a slight variant of the previous design, focusing more on black and white rather than green (as you can see on the numbers and logo). During this time, the Stars also began transitioning into the dark green alternates which eventually took over as the teams' away jerseys at the turn of the century. 


These were also fan favorites for a long time. The dark variation was an alternate in 1998/99 and was the jersey of choice during the Stars' game 6 cup win in Buffalo. The next year they moved to this flashier design as the primary home/away combination. Between 1999 and 2007, the NHL switch home/away colors and the green served as the home jersey while white became the away jersey. 


Ahhhh the Mooterus. It is speculated that the existence of this jersey was the sole reason for the cancelation of the 2004/05 season. This randomness of a jersey/logo didn't stop at the physiological visuals of human body parts, but the attempted depiction of a bull in some constellation just makes me wonder if this was a sneaky attempt to either incorporate red into our color scheme (huh?) or prompt a new mascot. Whatever, at least it's gone and (hopefully) not coming back. 


The Mooterus disaster seemed to prompt the organization into a very, very conservative lull with regards to jersey design. With the home jerseys simply dawning a "Dallas" across the center and numbers on the front, it was an attempt at vintage with a side of meh. The away jerseys kept the nostalgia of the Star until 2008 when the alternate and eventual permanent away jersey was introduced to mirror the "Dallas" home jersey. I personally don't necessarily hate these, but I've heard many a disgruntled fan complain about them. 

Well, this week we will be adding a new look to this list. It's about time they finish off the era change. New owner, new GM, new coach, and finally a new jersey design (and logo). Just always remember, it's never too late to look to the past and reminisce about some good lookin' hockey threads. I picked up this beauty last year on eBay. Happy almost draft-time and Go Stars!

Mock-up images courtesy of Sportslogos.net