With only seven more games remaining in the regular season for the Stars, the push for a playoff spot is ten times more demanding. Even though they have won their last three games against some of the better teams, they still have to remain on the top of their game to clinch that eighth and final spot. Last night in Washington the boys performed a stunner on Ovi and the Caps. Kari Lehtonen was on his A game saving a total of 35 shots on goal resulting in a shutout win for the Stars. Newcomer Dustin Jeffrey having only played a few games with the Stars scored two goals followed by Garbutt, Whitney and Seguin. The three stars of course were Lehtonen, Jeffrey, and Chiasson. Even though he didn’t score, he registered three assists. 

     The Stars also performed stunners in St. Louis beating the Blues, 4-2. The Blues hold the number one spot in the western conference, and have already clinched a spot in the playoffs. They also won at the AAC vs. the Preds. The points that they have gained from winning these games put them back in the eighth spot. From the beginning of 2014, it didn’t really look like Jamie Benn was leading his team all that well. Losing that large amount of games in a row obviously isn’t what a Stanley Cup team should do. In this winning streak, the team has been feeding off of each other and setting up each other to score goals, but despite the loss of Rich Peverley, and the trade of Robidas to the Ducks earlier last month, the Stars are still managing to work with what they have to keep their playoff chances alive. 

    It’s been a long time since the Stars have had a solid playoff run, and more importantly a Cup in Big D. With all the youth the team has and the veterans skill levels, I think it’s more than possible to win the Stanley Cup. The next few games should be an easy win, with an easy schedule playing the Hurricanes and Panthers. Playing Tampa Bay might be a challenge seeing is they are second in the Eastern Conference behind Boston, but we have the players to do it.  The season concludes in Phoenix playing the Coyotes. The only downfall to making the playoffs is that they’ll be going up against more developed teams like the Pens, Bruins and Blackhawks. Even though they beat the Pens and Bruins already, the stakes are much higher, so it’s not going to be an easy win. We all know if they get into the playoffs, we’ll want them to win the Cup. Some of our youth haven’t been in the playoffs yet, so it would be nice to see Benn or Chiasson get a cup while here in Dallas, let’s just hope they still have a while here. Throughout this season, this young team has performed miracles, let’s see if they can make the Stanley Cup come true.