Let me preface this by saying that Barry Horn achieved what he set out to do…what any media member sets out to do: Get people talking, preferably about your article.  Second, nothing that Horn writes in his article is incorrect in terms of facts, at least to my knowledge.  I have not reached out to any of the involved (Horn, Ralph Strangis, Daryl Reaugh or the Stars), nor do I have any intention because I know that no one will say anything of substance other than the typical clichés that Barry Horn already posted.

I also will not reach out to the Stars organization or their staff because they are a month away from opening training camp in arguably the most exciting season this team has faced in over a decade.  The city and the fans of the Dallas Stars have been buzzing about this upcoming season ever since the 2nd period between the Stars and the Red Wings during the final game of the season when rumors started running rampant that Joe Nieuwendyk was fired and the name Jim Nill started sticking more and more.  Then in June, Nill and his scouting staff had a remarkable gift fall into their laps as Valeri Nichushkin was taken 10th overall in this summer’s entry draft.

Oh, and there was the Fourth of July and the fireworks that came from a “lil’” trade.

Heading into this off season, the fans were told the team has an owner who will spend money, a general manager who’s not afraid to make hard decisions to make the team better.  They even rebranded themselves and created some pretty damn good looking sweaters.

So, what then, is Barry Horn’s objective in posting this gibberish about Ralph Strangis and the Stars are at a stalemate?

Again, nothing in the piece to my knowledge is false.  Even where Horn says, “The sticking point in the Strangis-Stars non-negotiations as you may surmise is money. Strangis wants more. The Stars believe he is well compensated.” 

This is nothing new; not in any business where the employees are contractual.  The employer has a bottom line and feels its staff is well paid.  The employees want more money.  There’s not one thing wrong with that.  I’m sure Mr. Strangis is well paid.  I also believe he deserves that absolute most he can get because he is (yes, in my opinion) the very best play-by-play man in the hardest sport to call live. 

Where I have a problem outside of the timing of the article is the following:

“Strangis is weighing his options. He’s hired an agent. That can only mean he’s considering moving on.”

Horn basically said there was very little to the responses he received when he went quote-fishing, so how on earth does he come to the conclusion that he is as good as gone?

And what of the statement that “Razor without Ralph doesn’t have the same appeal?”  Though that wasn’t his intention, if I were Daryl Reaugh reading that, I’d be pretty put off by that.  Sure, peanut butter and jelly are perfect together but just because one is alone, doesn’t immediately make the other unbearable.

So, I suppose you win, Mr. Horn.  Here I am, spending the first few moments of my Friday evening taking time to address what I feel is a hastily written piece posted for the sole purpose of web hits.  After all, that was your purpose two months ago when you said the Stars should sign Vincent Lecavalier because he “is a big name.”  But the fact remains that this year’s Stars team is one of the most exciting and (on paper) explosive teams in the league, and that’s even after missing the postseason five years straight.

Regardless of what happens in the broadcast booth, Ralph and Peanut Butter…I mean, Razor will forever be a part of this team’s history and foundation.  If they are here for another 24 years or if this is the last time they are paired together, the bottom line is, enjoy it.  You’re going to have plenty of opportunity.  Ralph and Razor are at the very least going to be describing Stars hockey into June of next year.