One day prior to their one year anniversary of winning their first Ray Miron President's Cup trophy, the Allen Americans defeated the Denver Cutthroats to become just the 3rd team to repeat as champions in the CHL's current format (the Central Hockey League has gone through several transformations throughout the years).

This summer, I was blessed to come across a young, talented photographer who blew me away with her hockey pictures.  This post is in honor of her dedication and hard work and is in essence, a journey with the Americans as they looked to defend their Cup title.  I have never been more proud of anyone than I am of Clarissa Maki.  You'll even be able to see how her talent has evolved from the very first photo she took for all the way to the last picture on the ice.

Thank you for everything you did for us and me, most of all, Clarissa.  You are amazing!

Banner Raising


When in doubt, trust in Daryl Bootland


Building momentum into the playoffs



Round One vs. Brampton Beast


Round Two vs. Quad City Mallards


Championship Round vs. Denver Cutthroats





All photos are courtesy of Clarissa Maki.